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How to mow the lawn right and why it is important – you will know it today. Guides and recommendations for newcomers and experienced gardeners are collected in one place.

A carefully mowed lawn transforms the look of the garden. Your homesite creates only positive impressions. But to have one should make some efforts. And today we will explain some things in order to help you.

The reasons why mowing is important

Of course, most people bring their garden in order for aesthetic reasons, but they are not the only ones. The majority of grass seeds are wild and they can restore and vegetate quite fast. To start these processes the grass should be cut at least once. As a result, there is thick grass-side and no weedage.

How often make a lawn mowing?

When you use a lawnmower or a trimmer for the first time it should be sparing. In the future, you can cut more but do not cut much in the beginning. How often to cut the grass during a season is a difficult question to answer because it depends on many factors:

–             The type of the seeds;

–             The ground condition;

–             The climate;

–             The time of the year.

So, you should consider the length. If it has reached the length more than it should be for this type, it is a time to use some tools and make it shorter.

How to cut the grass wisely?

We have collected some Grass Cutting Patterns – Guide on How to Mow a Lawn.

  1. Remove all the objects from the ground before mowing.
  2. Make sure it is not rainy today.
  3. Make the lawnmower blades sharper.
  4. Cut the grass by parallel bands.
  5. If the land is not slat, mow the lawn slope wards.

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