All about the home teeth whitening kit

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home teeth whitening kit

The teeth whitening procedure does not have to be a very sophisticated activity that has to be performed under the experienced hands of a professional dental surgeon or a dentist. When it is done so, it is often time-consuming and very expensive too. Not many people would be able to afford such an expense. However, fret not! The same results can be obtained at a fraction of the cost, and within a lesser period of time with the aid of a home teeth whitening kit.

home teeth whitening kit

How does this work?

Most of us have different food habits that include drinking coffee, tea or wine on a regular basis, smoking a cigarette, eating chocolates and junk food and more, all of which contribute to the staining of teeth. As these stains set in, they are impossible to get out with the normal brushing that one does every day. As a result the teeth can look faded, yellow and can become dull too. Using a teeth whitening kit will restore the teeth to its original color by helping it to get rid of all these unpleasant stains which otherwise lead to several tooth problems and even bad breathe.

The teeth whitening kit consists of a gel that has to be applied to the teeth for a set duration of time using a mould that holds it in contact with the teeth for the stipulated time. The amount of time required, and number of times it has to be applied would depend on the color of your teeth, and the extent of staining it has gone through by now. Once it has been applied and removed, you can easily observe the sudden improvement in the color of your teeth. And the best part is that it doesn’t cause any sensitivity or pain. Also, you can be assured that since it isn’t an invasive technique, your teeth aren’t affected in any adverse way.

Though it is an effective procedure, it may not be possible to obtain pure white teeth in just one session using the kit. Most kits contain the equivalent product to perform the necessary number of repetitions till you obtain the desired results. There will be an accompanying shade card that allows you to observe and track the improvement in the color of your teeth. The desensitizing gels with the treatment kit will ensure that your gums and teeth do not suffer from sensitivity due to the treatment. There are two moulds that are used to shield either of the two jaws.

With this kit, you needn’t make a beeline for the dentists or put a strain on your bank account for this purpose. You can do it easily and quickly by depending on the instructions with the kit from the convenience of your home. Not only is it effective in producing similar visible results and improving the color of your teeth, it is fast in action too. The whole kit has dentist approval and is safe and legal to use. So, what are you waiting for?


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