Recommendations for the use of push notifications

Using push notifications can help you boost the traffic to your site, increase the sales if you offer e-commerce services, or attract more users to your application. In order to make your push notifications effective, there are certain recommendations that you need to follow, which you can find below.

Recommendations for use of push ads

In order to send push notifications as efficiently as possible, follow several tips:

  • The main thing is quality. It’s better to create quality notifications and send them less often than to send low-quality content, but often. This way, the risk of unsubscription increases.
  • Send at the right time. Pay attention to the content that you want to send. Links to bulk material is better to send at lunchtime, in the evening after a workday or on weekends. Then the recipient can read everything to the end. Also, as a result of many studies, it turned out that peaks of user activity are observed from 4 p.m. until 5 p.m. and at 9 p.m.
  • Segment your users as much as possible. Factors for segmentation are location, language, type of browser, interests, etc. – everything that you can learn about your subscribers.
  • Regularly monitor the results and improve the strategy. Add UTM tags to the links when developing notifications in order to view the effectiveness of such mailings in Google Analytics.

The push ads network is an excellent opportunity to test the effectiveness of browser notifications for each business project. All you need is to add a line of code to the site and start collecting the subscriber base. A simple service interface and step-by-step instructions will help understand the basics of sending notifications.

Extra features of sending browser push notifications through the service include:

  • Segmentation by country/city
  • Personalization of notifications. The subscriber base for push notifications can be combined with the database in an email-service or CRM-system to use variable data in the mailing list
  • Subscription pages
  • Smooth sending
  • 24-hour technical support

If you own a software company and offer your program with a trial version, how can you make customers pay and buy the full version? Use push notifications.

If your users go to the tariff page but do not buy the full version, send them a notification with a discount of this kind. Also, motivate the user to finish using the trial period and start paying. Send a push notification offering 1 month free in case of an upgrade.

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