Is it possible to mine through your website? Try out the Mineralt javascript miner!

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There are many mining services which provide you with cryptocurrency. Mineralt is one of them. What special features does it have and why you should join it? Read the article and learn!

How does it work?

Firstly, you receive a script from Mineralt. You can choose some additional options for it. Then, you place the script on your website or in the app. And that’s it! Your coins are being mined instantly and you get your profit within 24 hours.

Mineralt features

Firstly, your mining capacity is automatically turned into coins and shown in dollars, so that you can check it at any moment. Secondly, you have a possibility to place the mining script in your own domain. All you should do is create a subdomain and send it to Mineralt. Thirdly, their API is flexible. It makes it possible for you to build your own things that mine coins – features, apps, extensions etc. You are given an absolute freedom over users and statistics. Is it possible to mine through your website? Try out the Mineralt javascript miner!

Where can you mine?

Mineralt supports all kinds of websites and apps made for mining. It can be a mobile app, a video streaming, an online game or an extension for a browser. This mining service will receive everything!

All in all, Mineralt is a great possibility to mine coins. If you have a large audience, your profit can reach 100 USD per day. They do not have any additional fees, so everything here is free. Their support service is all yours, so try and benefit!

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