How to Protect Yourself While Earning Cryptocurrency

Tips and guides for providing security during the work with crypto. Created with the help of ICO Catalog, a service with more than 250 names of crypto estimated and represented in a rating.

Protection is a key in the context of cryptocurrency. Nobody wants to lose profits and start everything from the beginning. That’s why there’s a need for tools which provide security. Let’s find out what to use to stay away from cyber-criminals.

Reliable coins

First of all, choose such tokens which are secured. Read the Whitepaper and terms and conditions carefully before investing. Not to get lost in new coins study the ratings and lists in which they are estimated in different indexes. ICO Catalog is one of such websites. There are more than 250 ICOs represented in a table and calendar to follow all the features and changes.

Protected wallet

Selecting an altcoin wallet which won’t be hacked is a difficult task. There are three main types of them: hardware-, software-, and paper-based. Software-based seem to be less effective but easy for usage. They are often hacked but ask fewer actions from users. Hardware-based wallets are more secure, but PINs may be stolen too. So we recommend using paper-based ones as they are often going with QR code. Now it’s one of the best methods of protection.

Mixing services

Except for the wallet, pay attention to websites which mix coins with each other to delete any personal information from transactions. You just send some coins and the same amount of them will be returned. But the coins are random and can’t be tracked by cyber-criminals.

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