Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

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No matter whether you use web-based email marketing software or not, there are strict rules you should follow to succeed in email marketing activities. However, if your main problem is an absence of the right tool try this tool

Mistake 1
It is known that mail providers set requirements to quality of the base and limits on the number of admissible returns and complaints of mailing.
If the active operation is not carried by a base of subscribers, then the emails become inactive and non-actual.

The easiest and most reliable way to keep your base up-to-date is to use ,a href=”»>email-validation service. The validator will analyze a base of subscribers and will help to delete nonexistent addresses and addresses from which the probability of obtaining complaints is high. Thus you not only save the mail reputation, but you also will increase the efficiency of the email campaigns. There is only one shortcoming – usually, the validators are paid.
Another method will allow saving costs, but more time needs to be wasted. It is about the smooth accumulation of a base. At first, you take the freshest contacts (for example, those who subscribed no later than three months ago) and you carry out the first mailing. Further based on the received statistics it is necessary to delete bad addresses from the contact list. Then it is necessary to add older addresses to the cleaned base and to carry out the following mailing. It is recommended to add no more than 15% of the volume of the previous mailing base. And so on. An iterative approach will help to smooth possible negative effect of operation with an old base by means of the positive statistics. One more plus of such approach is that you will be able to avoid failures of activity which are so not loved by mail providers.

From shortcomings, except time expenditure, it is worth marking that this option does not allow to carry out reactivation of a basis normally.

Mistake 2
Provide that once you subscribed to the newsletter, but received nothing. Suddenly the letter with an offer to buy something arrives. Most likely, you already forgot about a subscription. You begin to be indignant and press furiously the «Spam» button.
The ideal option for you is to work with a client at once after the subscription. Even if the number of subscribers is low.

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