A darknet Bitcoin mixer for your security and wealth – Bestmixer review

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Bestmixer is a Tor-friendly cryptocurrency mixer which allows staying anonymous on the Internet. Want to save money and spend little time on the mixing process? Read this article to know how.

Have you heard about cybercriminals and strict laws devoted to punishing cryptocurrency owners? So, there’s a need for protecting service which hides transacting history and personal data. Bestmixer is this very website, it contains many useful features. Let’s take a look at them.

Minimum fees for any wallet

If one visit the official website, https://bestmixer.io/en, it won’t be hard to count how much it’s obliged to pay. In a “Fees” section all prices are shown, so the minimum one for any coin is 0,5%. The website also offers discounts for those who mix a lot of currency at once. For example, for sending 20 coins users get a 20% discount and the minimum price falls to 0,4%.

Features for security

As Bestmixer is a darknet Bitcoin mixer it’s full of details for anonymity. SSL security, an ability to operate in Tor browsers and lack of personal information users are to leave. Data centers are reliable and hidden from anyone as the creators’ names. But it doesn’t mean that users don’t have guarantees.

Proofs of reliability

The support service works 24/7 so all questions will be answered. Also, don’t worry about the mixing, the service sends a letter of guarantee and gives a personal code which means you won’t get the same coins back.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new, especially if we speak about such user-friendly service as Bestmixer. Protect your crypto and personal data for reasonable prices.

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